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Great write-up of my talk at the aPLaNet Project Launch Conference by Aslı Sağlam Many thanks Aslı!

Online Teacher Development Works Best – 15 Reasons Why

This post was originally written for Nik Peachey’s Learning Technology Blog and it has been reproduced here with his kind permission.  I’ve started this article with quite a bold statement, but it’s a conclusion that I have been coming too over the course of quite a few years now. I should really put this into…
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#ELTchat: the loss of – Plan B

For the last – well, almost two years now, since September 15 2010, #ELTchat has kept us on our toes and forged hundreds of professional and personal relationships amongst its followers who turn up on Twitter every Wednesday to talk about topics they have suggested and voted on – a community of peers which was…
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Why do I Blog?

I am a teacher educator from Athens, Greece. I train English language teachers and help them become better teachers in the classroom. I started blogging in late 2009 my first blog,  Marisa Constantinides – TEFL Matters (in English), was followed by this blog which was originally intended to include topic areas more focused on the Greek teaching and…
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My Learning English journey

For the May #ELTchat challenge, I am handing over our blog to one of my Business English students, Adrian, who has managed to develop a host of helpful learning strategies to use outside the classroom, independently of his teacher. Adrian has travelled a long distance from studying in a fairly traditional learning environment to turning…
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#ELTchat at the ELTons Awards

ELTons Awards Nomination News May 23, 2012 Innovation in Teacher Resources We are very proud, pleased and honoured to be shortlisted in the nominations for an ELTons award, “the only international awards that recognise and celebrate innovation in the field of English language teaching (ELT).” For a whole week my blogs will be celebrating the ELTons  award nomination and shortlisting of the #ELTchat  website  and #ELTchat, a weekly online discussion on Twitter…
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Facebook as a Learning Management System

I was very happy to discover a research report on the potential of using Facebook as a learning management system. Facebook popularity and the ease with which most teachers and learners can create an account these days was, after all, one of the reasons our aPLaNet project team decided to include Facebook as one of…
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The Cambridge DELTA Module 2 Assignments – an overview

The Cambridge DELTA has become a qualification which many seek to consolidate their career in English Language Teaching and to be promoted into positions of responsibility as senior teachers, heads of ELT departments, and much more. It is a course that really does produce reflective teacher practitioners who can also understand the background theory and…
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Monitoring, Feedback and Debriefing: When and how to do it in class

The #ELT chat topic on Wednesday, 15th February was on Monitoring, Feedback and Debriefing: when and how to do it. These issues in teaching are of equal importance just as practising any other skill in class. As this could be a sensitive issue, the teacher has to be really careful how she approaches the students…
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Too Many Books

Concerned and worried about the huge drop in registrations in a failing/failed Greek economy, reducing the number of compulsory coursebooks, workbooks and the like, is beginning to be a consideration for some foreign language school owners locally. The parents of younger pupils can no longer afford the high cost of books – many are hard…
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