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Dates & Tuition at a Glance!

* Special offer for the 4-week courses in  May &  November as well as all our fall and winter part time courses. 

Attend either one of these courses for a reduced fee of 1200 euros only!
Contact us for details of this special offer!


Cambridge Delta Fees – additional notes

Fees Note for Module 3 Moodle run courses: 

Delta integrated course participants (all modules) are entitled to a 50% discount on our independently offered 8-week Module 3 courses:

  • ELT Management
  • Teaching learners online, through distance/blended learning
  • Teaching English to Young Learners

* The exam primer course does not include input on the content of the exam. If you wish to take it, you need to have studied on your own. It is usually offered just prior to the June or December exams.

This course is offered free of charge to our own integrated course candidates – it is part of their course. 

Payments by Individual Module

By Module  

  • Module 1  – 800 Euros (Full course)
  • Module 1  –  150 Euros (2 weekend Exam Primer)
  • Module 2  –  2200 Euros (6 weeks in Athens)
  • Module 2   – 2000 Euros  (online/blended)
  • Module 3   – 600 Euros by individual tutorial or Moodle Course
  • Modules 1 & 2 – 2400 Euros
  • Modules 2 & 3 – 2400 Euros
    • DELTA Module 3 Certificate in ELT Management (ELTM)  600 euros  (online)
      * CELT candidates who have registered for the full course receive a 50% discount on this course. 
    • DELTA Module 3 Certificate in Teaching learners online, through distance/blended learning (DL)       600 euros  (online)

Cambridge assessment all modules 400 Euros

Shorter Online Courses

400 Euros

N.B. Dates for shorter courses are announced on the course pages


Payment Options

You can pay for your tuition via bank transfer, Western Union, credit card or PayPal.  Please contact us for your choice and for details.


Questions?  Need more information? Send an email from this page. 

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Please check your spam folder for our response (from an email address that ends in )  because often emails from schools or people who send a lot of messages very often end up there! 



20 Responses

  1. Tsveta Vrabcheva says:

    Hello, I am interested in doing DELTA course. I am from Bulgaria so online blended course is a better option. I can’t quite figure out the fees for the whole course. Thank you.

  2. Γεωργία Φούφα says:

    Good evening. Can you be more specific about Part time weekdays for Celta? (Days and hours) Thank you in advance!

  3. Hello,

    What about the Saturday course scheduled for the end of the month? At what time does it start and finish? Are there any places left?

    Thank you!

    • George Vassilakis says:

      Hi Georgia,

      Our Saturdays course starts on Saturday 28th. We have sent you an email about how you can join that course!

  4. Anna Murray says:

    Hi, I’ve finished Module 1 with Distance Delta and am about to embark on Module 3 with the same, which means that Module 2 is the only one I have left to do. I’ve recently moved to Ireland and cannot legally teach here with my CTEFL alone, which means I can’t do a distance Module 2 here without access to a class to teach. Is it possible to do a short-term intensive Module 2 with your program?

    • Hello Anna,

      You can follow Module 2 online – next course in April – and come to Athens for 4 weeks maximum to teach for your assessed lessons in Athens. You can come in July and be done by October – not possible to do now unless you would like to do our intensive Module 2 in April and be assessed for the June session.

      Thinks about these two options and write to us at about what you want to do



  5. RoyalGuide says:

    Hello Marisa,
    I’m interested in doing DELTA module 2 online with your highly reputable school. I need to finish it before October 2017 (because of some regulations and restrictions at work). I did my CELTA in 2015 and I passed DELTA module 1 last December. I’m currently working on Module 3.

    PS. I read your comments after I wrote this msg, so if it’s possible for me to join Module 2 this April, I’ll postpone Module 3.

    Thank you very much.


  6. Mohamed says:

    Hello Marisa,

    I don’t know why my previous comment didn’t show at all 🙁
    I’m really interested in doing Module 2 online. Is there a possibility to join the one starting soon? Can I finish before October 2017?
    Do you help with accommodation and visa procedures?

    Thank you so much.


  7. Dimitra says:

    I’m interested in taking the delta diploma and I’m just wondering if it is possible for someone to take the examination without attending any courses, only by studying on their own.
    Thank you

  8. Arian says:

    Hello Marisa, I am preparing for Cambridge TKT certification right now and I have many years experience in private English teaching. Am I eligible to attend the Delta course?
    Secondly, supposed I succed in Delta diploma, do I have the right to teach in Greece????
    Ps. I am from Albania.

    • Hello Arian – I’m afraid you are not eligible for the following reasons:

      1/ You do not have classroom teaching experience – only one-to-one teaching
      2/ Then TKT is not at the same level as a CELTA which includes a LOT of classroom teaching practice

      Perhaps you could apply for the CELTA?

      Regarding work in Greece, do you have a university degree from a recognised university – are you a resident of Albania or Greece – lots of questions which i cannot answer all here – may be you could call the school one day or email me to set up a skype chat


  9. Zouar Abdellatif says:

    Hello Marsia,
    I’m Abdellatif , from Morocco.I’m interested n doing Delta 1,2,3 duringJulyand August .I’m wondering if you could send me the scheduled time to see if it coincides with my availability in order to satrt the application proceedures.Thanks

    • Hi Zouar, the summer intensive course usually begins mid-June and ends mid-August

      June 11 2018 – August 10 2018

      If you can come for less that 8 weeks perhaps you should consider the part time online for the input and then 4 weeks in Athens for your teaching practicum

      We have an online course starting soon round the 20th of October and it runs pm hours on weekends


  10. Dear Marisa ,
    I am interested in taking the Delta online course- at least the permissive modules –

    Could you please inform me via an email , whether Is possible , about the next scheduled course , the prices and whatever you regard as valuable information I should get ?

    Thank you in advance

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